Case Study: Procuring to support the development of new carers strategy for Wigan Council

Procuring to support the development of new carers strategy for Wigan Council

Wigan Council were looking for a supplier to help them produce a new carers strategy for the borough, therefore, they reached out to Consultancy+ for support on this project.

The Challenge

Wigan Council wanted to produce a new carers strategy for the borough which included developing and drafting a prioritisation of aims for unpaid carers of the Borough. The work of carers is widely recognised and appreciated, however, the services and the reach provided by the council needed to be assessed and fully understood to meet the user's needs.

Wigan Council approached Consultancy+ with an immediate and important need for the project to be delivered but had not identified which suppliers they wanted to use.

The Solution

The project for the supplier included actively collating feedback and holding sessions to establish the service levels and engagement. Policies and practices were also to be considered and developed to support the engagement plans. Through soft engagement, we were able to identify a long list of suppliers from our robust supply chain, which were identified due to their skills suitability and credible experience. This list was then reduced into a shortlist of a good balance of personal service company's and larger consultancies. There was a requirement for this piece to be awarded following a competitive process, we supported the client to scope the full requirement.

We were also able to guide and advise the client on the delivery model and appropriate solution to meet the project needs and within the timeframes they set out to meet. Via the delivery model of full service, we also secured a service with value and cost effectiveness. In addition, we also offered the client the delivery of services under the 1141 Framework, resulting in further cost reduction against the 940 Framework.

The Result

Wigan Council found the process extremely positive. The project enabled the authority to choose the most suited supplier with ease.

Wigan Council said: "The Consultancy+ services procurement team has been a joy to work with as they are always happy, friendly, and helpful".

"We have used the services of Consultancy+ since 2019. Consultancy+ has become an invaluable procurement resource to the council, providing a legally complaint route to market to engage with consultants who have specific project expertise".

"The team at Consultancy+ and the consultants we have engaged with have all been very knowledgeable, professional, and responsive to the council's requirements."

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