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A new way of delivering social care and psychology services.

C+ Health & Care was formed in response to the challenges we saw within social care. Whether that’s difficulties in hiring experienced qualified social workers or controlling cost through using locums to undertake statutory assessments.
As your strategic partner you can count on our expertise to analyse and review how you deliver care services, alongside providing scalable support through our teams as a service model.

“The Consultancy+ team have hit the ground running, providing significant improvements across the service.”

Bolton Council

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Teams as a Service

Teams as a Service is an innovate way of delivering you experienced social workers, and fast. We know the frustrations with long-winded recruitment processes, only to have a drop out or no access to the skills you need. Our emergency high skilled teams can be brought in at short notice to alleviate pressure.

We provide teams across:

  • Drop-in CIN, CP, MASH, & LAC project teams
  • Emergency social workers supporting BAU
  • Educational psychologist statutory assessments
  • We combine the public sector project expertise of Consultancy+ with Reed’s access to the strongest talent. And our rapid response and virtual interview process means we have high quality care workers ready to go.

We’ll find a way to deliver outcomes in your organisation by building a Statement of Work that outlines their purpose and defines success.

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Statutory assessments

Demands on local authorities to complete statutory assessments have never been higher. Alongside budgetary pressures and availability of staff, we know many departments are facing large backlogs.

We’ve turned the Consultancy+ expertise in Statement of Work toward statutory assessments. This means we can deliver fixed price assessments across adults and childrens services that will save you money, and clear those backlogs.

So whether you’re looking to outsource a backlog of cases or assessments, or looking for a more cost effective way of delivering business as usual, our team is here to help. Our extensive pool of assessors come with excellent feedback, ability to work remotely where needed, and a commitment to finding a way for you.


  • Outsourced Deprivation of Liberty
  • Mental Health assessments
  • Best interest assessments
  • Discharge reviews
  • CHC assessments
  • Care Act assessments
  • Reviews of care and support plans


  • EHC
  • PAMs
  • PARs
  • Form F assessments
  • Form C assessments

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Our associates

We have seen first-hand the challenges that Authorities have in delivering care services in a market that is very specialist, has a shortage of qualified experts and is always under pressure for savings and cost reduction. We have also seen how different approaches can be help and hinder the plight of these Authorities.

Delivered well, project based services can deliver the right resource and expertise at the right time to help impacted individuals and deliver cost effective, quality outcomes. Delivered badly and they can do more harm than good and cost the Authority precious funds.

And that happens too often which is why we are setting out a new way of doing things in order to change this. We aim to deliver transparent services using the very best associates in the market to support Authorities with innovative, effective and sustainable solutions.

Our associates are leaders within social care, and perfectly placed to review your service. From providing a critical friend for ad-hoc advice through to transformation of the service. Contact our team to see if we can find a way to solve your challenges.

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