Case Study: Delivering a DoLs managed solution including BIA, MHA & Quality Assurance

  • SOLUTION: Delivering a DoLs Managed Service solution
  • INDUSTRY: Local Government – Social Care

Delivering a DoLs managed solution including BIA, MHA & Quality Assurance

We were engaged by Kirklees Council to undertake both backlog assessments and BAU assessments.

We deployed a pool of assessors that flexed in line with demand and were supported by our programme management office (PMO). Our team undertook 10 BIA and 10 MHA assessments per week across a 12-month period to fully clear the Council’s backlog. The timescales and resource profile were assembled in line with the budget allocated to the piece of work.

The Solution

An effective project team ensured we met the objectives required by the client.

Prior to go-live of the project, we created an account team consisting of a relationship manager, a consultant manager and a PMO analyst. The PMO analyst set the project approach and ensured all things were in place for the project to begin. The consultant manager assembled the pool of assessors – both from our retained pool of consultants and going out to market to bring in the best talent. Whilst the relationship manager led the team in ensuring we were ready to deliver on the client requirements.

Once up and running our team delivered the BIA managed service by:

  • Maintaining the pool of quality assessors
  • Receiving and allocating the weekly case load
  • Quality control ensuring all returned assessments met the standards
  • Returning assessments within the agreed SLA
  • Producing a weekly invoice with all approved assessments from the previous week
  • Providing weekly and monthly MI showing spend and performance

We have gone above and beyond to establish lines of communication with the relevant stakeholders, enabling effective management of the contract. Along with communication, the key to our service is visibility of both spend and performance. Weekly and Monthly MI give the client information on spend vs budget, spend per assessor, and performance of each assessor. This enables us to track spend and performance to ensure we deliver the required outcomes.

The Results

Organisation-wide change was embedded successfully as a result of in-depth analysis, thorough implementation, and continuous improvement.

We delivered on the brief and cleared the backlog of assessments. Across our account team and 14 assessors, in the first 9 months of the contract we delivered:

  • 336 MHA
  • 332 BIA

All assessments went through our team of 3 quality assurers, and we have successfully cleared the council’s backlog. We now undertake BAU activities ensuring the Council meets the SLAs on all new assessments.

Over 95% of assessments were delivered on time and of sufficient quality. Any assessments that did not were discussed at our checkpoint reviews with appropriate actions taken in each case.

We’ve achieved the objective of clearing the backlog, along with securing delivery of BAU assessments for a further 12 months. We’ve built an effective partnership with client and delivered them a quality service in line with their budget.

Kirklees council realised several benefits from working with us and continuing to work with us:

  • Access to high quality Doctors and BIAs through our service
  • Quick, efficient, and compliant route to market through the YPO Managing Consultancy framework.
  • Complete visibility over spend and performance of the service.

“Consultancy+ has really helped us to complete an increased number of DoLs Assessments. They were able to source Assessors and Quality Assurance staff and listened to our requirements. We had regular monitoring meetings, and our named Consultants were always on-hand to discuss any issues as they arose.”

Sumayya Hanson, MCA and DoLS Lead, Kirklees Council

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